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Most of our products are manufactured specifically to order so that the best fit is obtained each time. This fit ensures that the device remains in position and does not lose its function.

The manufacture of a made to order device is an extensive process. A short description of our methods is provided below, from your first appointment with us to the delivery of the product.

First appointment

You can contact us by telephone or by e-mail to make an appointment. Next, we will ask you a couple of questions related to your animal’s condition. If you were referred to us by a veterinarian/veterinary centre, we would like to receive these details too.


We can distinguish between two possible measuring methods according to the class of device. An explanation is provided below:

  1. Orthoses & prostheses
    This type of device requires measurement that often involves the use of a cast. A sock and foil are applied before casting, so that the cast does not adhere to the fur.
  2. Bandages & trolleys (pre-fab)
    A tape measure is all that is needed to take the correct measurements.

Fitting phase

During the fitting phase, the orthopedic device is usually manufactured, but is not completely finished yet so that adjustments can still be made easily. The device is built using the cast model, obtained during the measurement phase, or according to the measurements that were taken. The type of device is usually discussed with the treating veterinarian. The animal then walks with the fitting model and we look at the functionality of the device, the accuracy of the general fit and the animal’s gait. Adjustments can be made at this stage if necessary.


Once the fitting phase has been completed, the orthopedic device is finished completely.


Once the device is completely finished, it can be delivered to the customer. At this point we also provide the relevant information about the use and maintenance of the device.

After-sales service

Our after-sales service aims to offer adjustments and maintenance.

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