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Medical pet shirts

These are standard shirts that consist of an elastic fabric. They are washing machine safe and easy to use. There is a distinction between 4 types. There are the MPS, which are shirts that are useful for covering certain wounds or regions. They can also be used as an alternative to the known collars after sterilization. Then there are the MPS sleeves, these are handy sleeves for the front legs. They can be worn separately, but also on both sides. These sleeves are useful to cover the front legs after, for example, operations. There are also the MPS Tops, these are shirts that do not reach the back of the legs. They have the important addition that there is room to carry probes, EKG, Holter or other equipment. They also have the effect of a Thundershirt. This provides an anti-anxiety effect. And finally there are the back leg sleeves. These are always in pairs and must be attached to an MPS Top.

The medical pet shirt are used in case of:

  • Covering wounds
  • After sterilizations
  • After operations of certain zones (elbow, knee, abdomen, back,…)
  • As an alternative to collar
  • Anti-anxiety effect
  • To carry certain equipment such as holter, EKG, probes