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Orthopaedic mattress

There are 2 kinds of orthopaedic mattresses available from us. There are prefab mattresses. They have a set thickness, form and size. The covering is also standard. We also offer orthopaedic mattresses made to individual specifications. You can choose the form, thickness and size. There is also a choice of colours.

The mattresses are generally covered with imitation leather. This is very handy if your pet is also incontinent. The imitation leather is urine- and blood-repellant. It is also very easy to look after.

All orthopaedic mattresses have a memory foam topping for good pressure distribution. This relieves pressure on the joints and reduces the risk of bedsores. The personalised mattress can be made to fit perfectly into an existing basket.

The orthopaedic mattress can be used in cases of:

  • Older animals
  • Animals with arthrosis
  • Animals susceptible to bedsores
  • Incontinence